90's Childhood Memoirs - Popular BTV Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha' and A Mustafa Monwar


90's Childhood Memoirs - Popular BTV Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha'

90's Childhood Memoirs - Popular BTV Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha'

One of the few programs that children of the 90s used to watch with attention in front of BTV was Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha'. A girl named Parul used to move her hands and feet and sing songs, unknown. His companion was an artist with a white smile. Who taught how to paint by scratching on canvas. Who told many unknown things about the country, industry. A bowl and a cow were seen as side characters.

Everyone except the artists are hand-made puppets in the Puppet Show Moner Kotha event. But it is the artist himself who brings the doll to life. This artist depicting the childhood of children in the 90s is Mustafa Manwar. Mustafa Manowar, a student of Calcutta Art College, excelled in music as well as in painting. He spends his whole life in different thoughts, different creations.

Character: Parul (Tamanna Tithi), Baul (Anukul Das), Shaad (Bipul),

About Mustafa Monwar:

Now come to the words of Mustafa Manwar. Listening to him comes to the mind of Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha'. Yes, he teaches painting in this program aired on BTV, accompanied by puppets. The kids gave him the title 'Putulwala' because he played with puppets. One of the puppets or puppets of mind is called 'Parul'. But the name 'Parul' was not given suddenly. There is a reason behind fixing this name. Have you heard that song? 'Sat bhai champa jago re jago... ak Parul bon ami tomar' is a folk song from Bangladesh. As Parul wakes up the seven brothers, once Parul of the Puppet Show 'Moner Kotha' will bring back this puppet dance of Bangladesh and highlight the tradition. It is for this purpose that the character named Parul was created in mind.

Born on September 1, 1935, in Manoharpur village, Jhenaidah district, Mustafa Manowar's early life was imbued with a deep connection to the lush landscapes of Bengal. Raised by his poet father, Golam Mustafa, and having lost his mother at a tender age, he nurtured a profound love for nature. As a child, he aspired to be an artist and found inspiration in the green fields, the enchanting rivers, and the exuberance of youth.

Mustafa's education commenced at Kolkata's Shishu Vidyapeeth, where he also began his musical journey, learning from his father and older brother. Later, after enrolling in an art college, his passion for music was reignited under the tutelage of Ustad Santosh Roy, a disciple of Ustad Fayaz Khan. His artistic prowess caught the eye of Syed Mujtaba Ali, a renowned fiction writer, during his time at Scottish Church College in Kolkata.

Mustafa Manowar's journey into the world of art continued with his admission to Calcutta Art College, where Shilpacharya Ramen Chakraborty recognized his talent and facilitated his entry. He excelled, securing the top spot in the first class of Fine Arts in 1959. His career path led him to become a lecturer at Arts and Crafts College, driven by a request from the eminent artist Zainul Abedin. Subsequently, in 1964, he embraced the inception of Bangladesh Television and served as Deputy Director General, marking the beginning of a long and influential tenure. Notably, Mustafa Manowar became a trailblazer in the realm of puppetry in Bangladesh. His passion for puppetry was kindled during his formative years and further nurtured through his exposure to various Indian puppetry traditions. He introduced the beloved characters 'Bagha' and 'Meni' in the 'Ajab Deshe' program on Bangladesh Television, leaving an enduring impact on the audience. His artistic journey, marked by numerous awards and accolades, has not only showcased Bangladesh's nature and heritage but also expanded our horizons. Today, at the age of 83, Mustafa Manowar continues to enrich our lives with his creativity, leaving us eager for more of his remarkable work.

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