BTV (Bangladesh Television) Favorite Childhood Cartoon Series -

BTV (Bangladesh Television) Favorite Childhood Cartoon Series

It is almost impossible to find people who have not seen cartoons in childhood! Especially among those of us whose childhood and adolescence spent in the BTV (Bangladesh Television) era of the nineties 90s, it is not possible for them to forget those extraordinary cartoons of that time. Still, it was not as popular in the satellite channel. Meanwhile, BTV  (Bangladesh Television) was our only source of entertainment. And the drama-package drama-Friday movie- Dabigged series in Bengal- BTV (Bangladesh Television), the cartoons that have been broadcasted in our series has given us a piece of colourful childhood. As a kid, I used to rush to get home and get prepared to sit before the TV and wait for my favourite cartoons to begin. Browsing through YouTube, I came across a song that was featured in one of my favourite BTV cartoons, right at that moment, the idea of creating a list of the cartoons as far as I remember hit my mind. Let's see, in the 90's, let's be a little nostalgic in BTV's Cartoon days-

Meena (Bangla), #Godzilla, Jumanji, Woody Woodpecker, Bengali Puppet Show "Moner Kotha" by Mustafa Monower is the first #Cartoon seen in our childhood, which is seen on #BTV (Bangladesh television). When we were very young, BTV (Bangladesh television) showed many beautiful cartoons at noon. We ate lunch and saw cartoons.

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1. Bananas in Pajamas: This Australian show was the least enjoyable of all the cartoons. Every time I watched it, I fell asleep 😂. On a serious note, this cartoon has a lot of good lessons in it for kids. This cartoon also did not find any cartoon post on the blog. This cartoon was broadcast every Sunday afternoon on BTV. The opening theme was animated, but the rest was probably the type of Papet. B-1 and B-2 had many interesting fun shoots. When both of them reached a decision together, then they could have a word.

2. Sisimpur: Sisimpur has to be one of most watched and as well as the most enjoyable kids’ show in the country! It’s the Bangladeshi version of Sesame Street. Sisimpur, a program of Cesemi Workshop Bangladesh, which has been working for a long time on television to make learning of Bangladeshi children joyous and enjoyable. Children's activities are designed to meet the needs of children, development of life-skill, basic education, from 3 to 8 years of age, where children, as well as their parents, carers and teachers are included. Sisimpur is a language and color for children and guardians; Reading skills; Math; Health; Environment; Gender equality; Nutrition and healthy practice practices; Earthquake; Water and road crossing; Preventing children's injuries; Social behavior and values; The local art, culture and heritage etc. have been trying to highlight it.

3. Godzilla: An adventure cartoon show based on Hollywood Godzilla film aired in 1998. A huge animal like the prehistoric era dragon, who, whenever needed, comes out from the deepest part of the ocean to save mankind from various kinds of dangerous creatures, save many lives from the dangers, The name is his Godzilla. Perhaps no other cartoon of BTV could create so much thrill and untimely excitement, as much as could have been able to make this huge extractive creature made from lizards. Especially the beginning of the theme was enough to make the roasted roam. As soon as he heard the trembling inside the blood, the cheeks were getting inside the chest. Every Tuesday, after returning from the school without clothes or without food, without frowning, without looking at some side, ran in front of the TV, only five scientists and their favourite Godzilla to see! This popular cartoon is still impossible to wake up in the heart of the audience.

4. Jumanji: Probably the best adventure cartoon. It has definitely given us kids goosebumps and a feeling of adventure!. It's like a different world. Let us leave this world and understand this breathy game called Jumanji. We would have taken us on a tired afternoon every Wednesday, in the forest, in a primordial world, where we have to get screwed up every moment. , Dyslexic villains like detergent like Professor Ibsen. Lost in the uninhabitable wilderness, can you ever roam the roam moments of the unknown and unknown danger every second? And cursed by the end of this long Journey, Allan's come back! Ah! This cartoon filled with adventures is still in the hearts of children watching Amal BTV.

5. Meena: Meena, undoubtedly, the most watched cartoon show in Bangladesh. Who, in Bangladesh, haven't watched it yet? It will be hard to find people who did not watch Meena cartoon which was aired to raise social awareness. One of the popular cartoons of BTV was Meena. Our childhood was so tight that the beauty of Mina cartoons After listening to background music at the beginning of the cartoon, an inexperienced one was born within the children, it could not be understood if it was not a child of 90's. Conscious about the social inconsistencies and the problems of the girl child, this cartoon could have taught all kinds of extravagant lessons in the midst of pure entertainment, unaware of us. Meenai taught us the importance of cleanliness, the need for women education, child labour resistance, giving equal importance to the children in the family, and the important aspects of life including dowry, which helped us to become more civilized from our childhood. Meena, who is sponsored by UNICEF, has made the significant impact not only in Bangladesh but throughout South Asia. The difference between the other cartoons is that the rest of us have given us only joy, but Mina has taught us as well as the precious life of all life, has transformed the lives of millions of children. As the age increases, the teachings taught in the story of Meena, Raju and Mithur in our childhood will be with us in our life.

6. Samurai X: Samuari X is also known as Rurouni Kenshin. It was my most favourite cartoon of BTV, I used to be so obsessed with it.

7. Woody Woodpecker: It's one of the few who saw a lot of cartoons in addition to Tom and Jerry. Her historic smile was like she did not have the mockery.

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  1. There was a cartoon named Ghost Master. It was shown after cinema every Friday. Do you know how can I get this cartoon. I googled it but google has no clue about that tv cartoon.